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 Motorcycle Detailing Services: Serving Lake & McHenry County, IL

As with automobiles we pride ourselves on the quality of work we perform on your motorcycle. Keeping your bike clean shows pride of ownership and helps retain your bikes value. Below is a list of the motorcycle detailing services we perform to keep your bike looking like new.

Motorcycle Detailing Services

Level 1 Detail: This is a light detail intended for motorcycles that are newer, or well maintained. 

(Service Time: 3-4 hours)

- Rinse Free-Wash and blown dry

- Bug and tar removal

- Clean, polish & detail the frame, rims, spokes, and chrome.

- Remove and clean saddle bags.

- Wax all painted surfaces

- Clean & detail instrument clusters.

- Clean & condition all leather

Sport Bikes $150.00

Midsize/Cruiser Bikes $175.00

Large/Full Dressed Bikes $200.00

Additional prices may apply for excess removal of bugs, tar, etc.

Level 2 Detail:  This package is intended for motorcycles that need a deep cleaning and polishing to restore it to a like new condition. 

(Service Time: 4-6 Hours)

- Rinse Free Wash and blow dried

- Bug and tar removal

- Minor surface rust removal

- Clean, polish & protect the frame, rims, spokes, and chrome.

- Remove & clean saddle bags, seat, & other storage compartments.

- Detail clay painted surfaces

- Polish all painted surfaces removing minor scratches and swirls.

- Apply Ceramic Sealant to all painted surfaces.

- Clean & detail instrument clusters.

- Clean & condition all leather 

Sport Bikes: $200.00

Midsized Cruiser Bikes: $250.00

Large/Full Dressed Bikes: $300.00

Additional prices may apply for access bugs, tar, etc.

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We proudly use the following detail products to clean, enhance & maintain your Motorcycles appearance.

Ceramic Coating
German Polish
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