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 Lively Detailing Inc.

             Mobile Detailing Since 1963

Our Mission:

Deliver the best service and results by using the latest innovative products, tools, & techniques.

About Us

Lively Detailing is a family owned business that has proudly served Lake, Cook, and McHenry counties since 1963. We conveniently bring our services to your place of business/residence. We use our own power and water. So no matter where you are located we will be able to service your boat, vehicle, or motorcycle. With all of our experience we are never satisfied. We continue to attended auto detailing seminars and achieve new certifications to increase our knowledge & skills. With a variety of services to choose from, we know you'll be happy working with us

Special Services

 Paint Coatings

Paint Restorations

Odor Elimination      

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Products Used

Questions/ Answers

What is a ceramic paint coating?

Ceramic coating is a revolutionary auto detailing product used to protect exterior surfaces from common blemish causing materials. Primarily composed of silica and titanium dioxide, these two substances together form a covalent bond that is hydrophobic in nature and forms a nano-ceramic shield above the vehicle’s clear coat. This protective shield provides durable protection from common environmental contaminants including insect acids, road salt, bird droppings, oxidation, swirling, minor scratches and helps protect the vehicle from the damaging rays of the sun. It’s these properties, along with the hydrophobicity, that separates ceramic coatings from waxes or sealants.

While researching coatings I noticed some of them say they have a harness of 9H and 10H. What does that mean?

Coating hardness is based on the pencil hardness test. To perform a pencil hardness test, graphite pencils of varying hardness are moved across a coating's surface. Its hardness relative to the graphite pencils is determined by the softest pencil that will leave a scratch on the surface of the coating. It is common for 6B to be the softest pencil in a hardness tester pack of pencils. The pencils then increase in hardness as they go from 6B to 5B to 4B and so on, until they reach a single B. Then hardness continues as the pencils go from HB to F to H to 2H to 3H and all the way up to 9H. The 9H pencil is normally the hardest in the set. It is common for 6B to be the softest pencil in a hardness tester pack of pencils. The pencils then increase in hardness as they go from 6B to 5B to 4B and so on, until they reach a single B. Then hardness continues as the pencils go from HB to F to H to 2H to 3H and all the way up to 9H. The 9H pencil is normally the hardest in the set. However Kenzo coating by IGL has a certified hardness of 10H.

Car wash VS Lively Detailing

While many people run to the local car wash for its convenience, over time your paint may start to fade and display scratches due to things like ultraviolet light, ozone, improper car washes, salt, dirt, bugs, and bird dropping. In addition many car washes will dry your car with towels after going through the wash. They rarely use microfiber towels and may use the same towel several times before washing it. We strive every day to improve not only our tools and products, but also our knowledge to provide the best results. On the other hand, local car washes focus on quantity and aim to get as many vehicles done as possible, which lowers the quality of the work and can even damage your paint. With little to no training, underpaid employees work long hours and may do more damage than good. With our services you can rest assure that your vehicle is washed by hand and dried using the finest microfiber towels. We are also masters of interior cleaning removing stains and odorsur own content. You can change my font, size, line height, colour and more by highlighting part of me and selecting the options from the toolbar.

What makes us better & less expensive than our competitors?

Large car washes have big overhead thus have to charge higher prices. Since they usually pay their employees by the hour they focus on quantity, not quality. At Lively Detailing we keep our expenses down by staying mobile. That way we can invest our money in high quality equipment, training, and chemicals.

Are automatic car washes bad for my paint?

Simply put, yes. We suggest hand washes with proper, clean tools and materials every week or two, depending on driving frequency. Touchless automatic car washes are acceptable during winter months to simply rinse off all the salt and grime. Otherwise, automatic car washes are very dirty places that see lots of traffic. Dirt removed from the first car, may causing swirl marks on the second, third, and so on. Avoid all automatic car washes except a touch less wash when necessary. Quality hand washes are the only way to keep paint in good condition, free of major swirl marks and other defects.

Since my vehicle has a clearcoat do I need to protect it?

Before I answer that please allow me to explain. Today’s vehicles have a layer of clear coat to protect the paint. However your paint can still get damaged due to things like ultraviolet light, ozone, salt, dirt, bugs, and bird dropping. In addition, a new vehicle comes out of the factory with approximately 150 microns of paint. Which is the thickness of a post it note! A proper wax application several times a year can usually save the cost of an expensive re-painting, and almost always allow a higher re sell value. So to answer the question... no you do not need to protect your paint. However it does make sense to do it.

I receive a spray wax at the car wash. Isn’t that enough?

Unfortunately the answer is no. While the spray wax will add a temporary shine to your paint. It adds little to no protection.

Paint Correction?

Not to be confused with standard body shops, where paint correction normally involves touching up paint and fixing rust. In the detailing world paint correction is the process through which paint contaminants, swirl marks, scratches and other defects are improved or removed from the paint surface. This reduces any dullness in the paint, making it more glossy and vibrant. Proper paintwork correction will level the paint to a safe degree and leave a deep, shiny surface, which many times rivals the look of a brand new paint job. Paint correction is followed by an application of high quality sealants and waxes to achieve optimal gloss and protection.

 Should I get my car detailed before I sell it?

Yes!!!!! In most cases, studies have shown that you can get hundreds of dollars more for your vehicle and sells it quicker. It easily pays for its self.

What Products do you use?

We truly use the finest products available. Listed above are the main chemical manufactures we use to clean, maintain, and enhance your vehicles.